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Callmi's expert booking tool syncs with your calendar for hassle-free scheduling. If you're feeling charitable, you can inform your clients that you're supporting a cause with each session.


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As soon as you're booked, appointments are automatically synced to your calendar, with Google Meet video calls. Got busy? Change your availability. Want to update your pricing? You can do that in a couple of clicks. Feel like withdrawing your earnings? We're here to help.

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Integrated PaymentsLong gone are the days of awkwardly asking your customers for money. We take care of the billing for you via Stripe.
Time Zone SupportOur platform automatically adjusts for different time zones, ensuring hassle-free scheduling for global consultations and meetings.
Flexible AvailabilityCustomize your available hours with ease. Our system adapts to your lifestyle, allowing you to set and update your schedule as needed.
Calendar SyncCallmi syncs around your existing appointments, helping to manage your time efficiently and avoid double bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing? What pricing? Callmi is free for experts

There's no registration fees to use our services. We only deduct 5% credit card processing upon withdrawal. We make money by charging your clients a 20% fee on top your fee per call.

CallmiOur goal: give professionals 1:1 access to experts that are otherwise inaccessible